Carbon Marine Paragon Promo

Client: Carbon Marine

Type: Lifestyle Ad – Web Commercial

We spent a day capturing the power, beauty, and versatility of the incredibly fun Paragon boat by Carbon Marine. This carbon fiber boat is one of a kind; it’s like driving a Lamborghini on water.


The Challenge

We had to fight with the elements; it was surprisingly cold for August, and the sun created harsh shadows throughout the shoot. At the same time, the crew had to continually jump back and forth between a follow boat and the Paragon to get drone shots. At one point, tumultuous waves had the crew stranded on a beach until the boat could get close enough for us to board.


The Process

We worked through a detailed shot list and thorough plan to ensure we captured the scenes necessary to showcase the boat and the lifestyle it offers.


The Solution

We positioned the talent and boat accordingly to catch the best angle of the sun, reducing shadows and flattering the subjects. With practice, transferring between boats became routine, and we maximized our time on each boat to capture what we needed as efficiently as possible.